Customer Engagement – With Insights That Matter

Not Just the “Whys”, But Why the “Whys” Matter

We interpret and bring the full surround sound of your customers to the table for better customer experience, content development, and sustainable new products and programs.

Some examples for building engagement:

Revitalizing Brands

Integrated Planning

Engagement requires a continual process of listening to customers, understanding changing cultures, and developing meaningful connections to your brands.

  • We start by reviewing existing market research and digital analytics to find deeper insights, motivations and behavioral patterns of your customers.
  • We conduct 360˚ Insight Discoveries with internal teams — a proprietary technique 
  • We design and conduct market research with your customers to test new concepts using proven methodologies including:
    • Focus Groups
    • In-depth Interviews
    • Projective Techniques
    • Quantitative Surveys

The Patricia King Group advances an insight-based marketing platform to strengthen engagement between our clients’ brands and their customers.